historia_negreAssessoria i Gestió Negre, S.L. has its origin in the company established in 1942 by ROSA CLARAMUNT TORNÉ and ISIDRE BORRAZ VILÀ, being known in the area of Baix Llobregat as “GESTORIA BORRAZ”.

Since its incorporation, the company has carried out, with well-earned professional prestige, the tasks of developing, requesting and taking all the necessary steps to do all kind of management before the Public Administrations, as well as Real State Management and insurance broker.

In 1988, MARTA NEGRE TRAMUNT (Lawyer, Insurance broker and Real estate finance manager) and XAVIER ROSAL GÓMEZ (Lawyer) will carry on with the agency,.focusing their job in giving legal advice to small and medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), as well as property management and Real Estate brokerage.

Today, Gestoria i Assessoria Negre, S.L., as a result of tradition and innovations, has as its main goals the excellence in its client’s attention and the maximum professionality in the rendering of its services.