¿Are you a company or a freelancer?

We offer advisory services to all companies that need guidance or support in the development of their businesses thanks to the experience of our workers. Thanks to the advice we will achieve the objectives proposed by the client in terms of scope, results and / or notoriety.

On the other hand, we also offer our services to SMEs, micro-enterprises and freelancers who want to develop their business.

If you are self-employed, we take care of everything from filing your taxes, to advising you and managing all your obligations at the tax, labor accounting and legal level. Or, if you have a company, quarterly and annual taxes of your business, until we take care of each of the management of your company. 

It depends on your needs, we adapt to you.


Company incorporation

We analyze which type of society is most appropiate and reduce the time to activate it to the maximum. We take
are of the necessary procedures and advise you to make
it a simpler process.


If you are interested in accounting advice in Barcelona, from our firm we manage the accounting of our clients in an orderly, simple and intuitive way.

Bylaw modifications, mergers,
dissolutions, etc

Once the company is established, it is essential to keep up to date with the legal news that arises. In addition, guided company management will help reduced potential problems between partners.

Preparation and presentation of Annual General Meetings

At Assessoria i Gestió Negre we offer tax services for both freelancers, companies private residents and non-residents. We are experts in local, autonomics and state regulations.

Domiciliation services of Spanish subsidiaries and/or foreign companies

A company of foreign nationality incorporated under non-Spanish law, may decided to transfer it to Spain. At Assessoria i Gestió Negre we take care of facilitating this procedure to make it simple.

Intracommunity Operations Declaration, Intrastat

The Intrasat declaration consists of a list of a Intra-Community operations carried out in a month, grouped into declaration items by certain data. We make the Intrasat statements
for you.

Tax liquidation and filing of declarations

Annual accounts are mandatory reports that all companies each year must submit in the Commercial Registrer in order to report the current situation. We take care of everything so that is done correctly.

Business License applications

If you are a new trader, entrepeneur or need a license, we are your solution. At Assessoria i Gestió Negre we do all the procedures to expedite this process and avoid this complex process to the client.

Capital gains settlements

The time you have to pay the municipal capital gains tax depends on the type of operation you are going to perform. For example, on a sale, the term is 30 days. Contact us and we"ll take care of everything.

Tax liquidations

In the tax field, settlement is a procedure for quantiyfing the tax that a taxpayer must to pay to the tax. We take care of making the settlements for you and your company.

Labor advice

The Human Resources area of every company is, by definition, one of the most difficult and delicate departments to manage.We take care of the Social Security, payroll
and contracts.