¿You need legal advice or some legal process?

Refficiently, from Assesoria i Gestió Negre, a department specialized in the management and advice related to the legal aspects and the application of the current legal regulations towards a company, autonomous, farm or private individual has been designed. 

Thanks to our lawyers, we offer a service for all those who need some kind of support.

In line with the values of our company, we give details of our services in order to offer our customers those that best suit their situation.


General Legal Advise

Advice to companies and individuals in the legal-legal field. Commercial, Civil, Labor and Real Estate Law. Our legal experts will be able to advise you on any situation.

Mortgages and related services

Our role as a management is to assume all the procedures related to mortgage files, such as the settlement of taxes or the change of ownership of the property.

Draft and review of all type of contracts

According to the Act, any contract legally concluded constitutes a law for the parties. That's why we know how important good writing is by professionals.

Administrative procedure and claims

Our experts in financial law will handle cases relating to administrative remedies, i.e. those issued by the Tax Administration or, where appropriate, the Economic-Administrative, Central, Regional or Local Courts in the areas within their competence.

Succession: declaration of heirs, wills, inheritances, etc.

We take care of obtaining the certified certificates and registration in the records you require, as well as the drafting and mediation of wills and inheritances.